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Powys Community Health Council Volunteer Recruitment Posted on 27 Jan 2020

Who are Powys Community Health Council

We are the independent NHS ‘watchdog’ in Powys concerned with all aspects of NHS care and treatment whether provided in Powys or in the acute general hospitals outside Powys, both in Wales and in England that provide care for the people of Powys.  Powys CHC is made up of unpaid volunteer members who live or work in Powys who aim to work in partnership with patients and service providers to ensure that services are of a high standard for Powys residents and where possible to retain services as near to patients as possible.


We seek the views of patients and the public on health services and we use that information to inform our work with the NHS.  We are the link between NHS staff who plan and deliver health services, and patients, their families and the public who use the services

  • We inspect NHS premises and other premises where NHS funded care is provided and make recommendations for improvement where necessary
  • We scrutinise the NHS and work with health service staff, planners and providers to improve the patient experience of services

More information can be found on our website at

Powys Community Health Council are looking for Volunteers

Do you have 3—5 days free per month?

Do you have an interest in helping your local community to improve the services that are provided by the NHS?

We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life — to help us improve the NHS locally and nationally.  Community Health Council members are local volunteers who act as the eyes and ears of patients and the public; listening to their concerns and working with the health service to improve the quality of patient care, letting those in charge of health services know what people want and how things can be improved.

Everyone who uses health services has something to contribute.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact our Business Manager or you can contact us by telephone on 01874 624206

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