The practice is fully computerised with an infrastructure that connects the computer system to Sennybridge and Brecon War Memorial Hospital. This allows for continuity of care as medical information can be transferred easily.

Please be assured that the information held is extremely confidential and can only be accessed by authorised staff with a security code. Some non-clinical staff will have access to patients’ medical records when they directly contribute to the support and delivery of patient care.

This information may be used by the practice team for audit purposes. However, it is usually only available to, and used by, those involved in your care. Repeat prescriptions, letters with advice on immunisations, health checks and treatments are generated from the computer data. We ask that you at least acknowledge invitations when you receive them.

Every member of staff has signed a confidentiality statement as part of their contract of employment.

Any breach of this statement could lead to dismissal.

The staff are only allowed to give information to the patient themselves or anyone acting on their behalf with written authorisation. Please do not ask for information for someone else to avoid embarrassment to yourself and the member of staff.