Have Your Say

Llais is an independent statutory body, set up by the Welsh Government to give the people of Wales much more say in the planning and delivery of their health and social care services – locally, regionally and nationally.

As part of our recently launched 100 day plan, we want to have a national conversation with people in all parts of Wales, to work with us to help us to develop our vision, mission, and strategic priorities.

We want to invite you to get involved in this ongoing work and there are a number of simple ways in which you, and those you live, socialise or work with can join the conversation before the closing date of 31st July 2023.

Please see the below leaflets for more information:

One of the ways you can get involved is to join our online event on 10th July, 18:00 to 19:30 for a rich discussion on Llais with people from across your region.

To book your place on this event, please visit www.eventbrite.co.uk.