INRstar Data Move

INRstar is planning to move data from one location to another, remaining within the UK. This move aligns with the NHS Architectural principle of Public Cloud First, to improve security, reliability, and increase system performance at peak times. Enabling the provision of a robust service for clinicians and patients whilst providing confidence that the data held is safe and secure.

During this move, the data will remain in the UK in a UK Government approved data centre.

Importantly, your data will not be modified during the migration unless authorised by your care team and will only be processed in accordance with the existing privacy policy.

The migration is scheduled for the 30th July 2021, although this is subject to change.

The legal information can be found on the INRstar website.

If you have any questions please contact your care team in the first instance, or INRstar on – please be aware they are unable to access your patient data or provide any form of treatment or medical advice.